Back where it all started

That morning light 🙏 and of course, surfing! Sometimes I think I take better photos when I’ve not been taking any for a while.

I’m back where it started for me. At the place where I took my first surf photos. This was six years ago and I had stopped traveling to do yoga all over the world and taken my first sports photos. First I was a bit confused about where I should travel but I love this part of the world, and I’ve always loved water which there is plenty of here.

Oh, longboard surfing! My love for it has grown. Used to only like fast short boarding but now …

Here in Bali, very close to where I am right now, I took my first photos of surfing with the wrong camera and lens. The lens just kept moving back and forth when I tried to focus on the surfers. Felt totally hopeless. But somehow, and this happens to me sometimes, the photos were ok. I was surprised when I looked at the photos and they were sharp. My camera had done the work for me. I just had to see it.

Party waves. Longboard surfing at Batu Bolong, Bali
Batu Bolong mornings. And I managed to isolate one surfer from the crowds in the water, so did the surfer catching her wave.
Garuda and Nataraja. Well, that is, I think the surfer looks a bit like Nataraja, or Dancing Shiva, in front of the Garuda statue in the background.

Something else was that it was mostly female surfers I, or the camera, had photographed. I had already started taking photos of roller derby which is a female dominated sport so this fit right in with that. So here I am again, six years later in Indonesia, taking photos of water and surfers, many of them female.

Oh, hi fellow photographer 👋 another example of where I was surprised of what the camera caught.
Oh, it’s already crowded. I prefer to publish photos where there’s only one or two surfers visible. But this is how it usually looks in the water.
This is what I’m into at the moment, trying to see how far away I can be with my camera and still take a sort of sharp photo. Think I’m more than 100 meters away, maybe 200. Let’s see how long this amuses me.
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16 responses to “Back where it all started”

  1. Wonderful post ✌️👏😂🤗; it’s like you were surfing down memory lane 🙏🙌😆. You talked about so much great stuff and the pictures were very good and did a great job of putting your thoughts into perspective. If you had not told about the issues with the lens, I would not have realized a thing hahaha.

    The angles and the kinds of things you focused on in terms of photography, were interesting 💯💡. And I also noticed the high number of females surfing even before I got to the part where you highlighted it, so that was indeed noticable too.

      • Congratulations for finally getting out those ideas — I was blessed by them haha. It was great to see what was on your mind for awhile 🙌💕😂

      • And thank you 🙏 for taking the time to reply, and look and read my blog post thoroughly. Not every day one has the time to do that 😉

  2. I’ve never surfed. .except for body surfing in the ocean as a teenager..must be fun fun fun 👍👍

  3. “And thank you 🙏 for taking the time to reply, and look and read my blog post thoroughly. Not every day one has the time to do that 😉”

    You are very welcome 🙏😇💕💕. You are totally correct about not always having the time hahaha. I like reading through your blog, I realize your passion for photography and I love to hear about your experiences with places that I personally have never been too 😂😂, plus I adore your company 💙🙌🙌

  4. You are welcome, it’s actully an honor of mine 🙌🙏😄. i also appreciate the education 🤩🤩. If Terima kasih/Stūtiyi is your most used phrase, that is a really good sign 😂

      • Intresting to say th least <3 <3. i am happy to learn some new words today 👋🙏😂.

        Yup, I know that you meant every word 🤣😉

    • You still could try! I’ve seen surfers of all ages at the many different beaches I’ve been to. Beginners too, think you just need to find the right beach and surf coach. I might try too…

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