Batu Bolong, Bali, Indonesia 2022

Morning blessings

I love waking up and just going out. Not showering, having breakfast and dressing up or putting on make up, which I don’t wear in this climate anyways – but simply getting up and going out. And that’s what I did yesterday. It was a bit cloudy, and the waves were smallish and the tide was high, so didn’t bring camera, but of course there were surfers out in the sea. There always are.

But there was a ceremony of some sort. I’m sorry, I have not idea what kind of ceremony for what purpose. Because there’s always something like this going on. If not in a temple, there might be something going on by a beach like for the fishermen to safely return from the sea, or a blessing for a house or something else that needs a proper ceremony. It’s like in another hindu country where I’ve spent so much time, India, there’s always something like this going on. One day there were no rikshaws to be found because they were all at the temple getting their yearly puja. So I’m used to it, but oh how I love seeing it.

So when I saw the people, dressed in nice clothes, close to the temple by the beach I got my phone out and started snapping. Yes, maybe I call photos taken with a phone for snaps or clicks, because you see, I’m quite sensitive about what I call my photos. And, I don’t call them snaps or clicks. It’s like Philty Animal, or Phil Taylor, the drummer said “We’re artists, we’re sensitive as fuck”, so that’s why I feel it’s a bit diminishing to call a photo for a snap. But sometimes it is a snap, if you just pick up your phone and press the button without any thought of how the light is, if it’s focused, what’s in focus etc. But that’s my opinion. And did you see what I did there? I squeezed in some life advice from Motörhead. You could probably write a self-help book with quotes from their songs. Oh and I love Motörhead, was so sad when Philthy and Lemmy died, and on top of it lost my mother between the two. But let’s not go there.

Because, I definitely get sad, especially at times like this with all that’s going on in the wolrd, but I like to focus on good things and happiness since that’s how I am. Dosen’t take much to make me happy, a walk on the beach or a swim. Or seeing, and photographing happy people.

So yes, had a nice walk finished with an attempt to go swimming but the sea said no so then I said no too. Went and had breakfast instead. While watching the sea, and the surfers.

Dancing and playing on the beach. And yes, there’s a surf photographer in the back ground so it’s not really necessary for me to take surf photos every day, there are so many other photographers.
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10 responses to “Batu Bolong, Bali, Indonesia 2022”

  1. I am not going to bore you with my commentary 😆🤭. I will just say that this is perhaps one of your best entries yet 🙏🙏😂.

    • 🙏 thank you, as always 😊 and I have to say, I’m really happy with how it turned out myself. The writing just flowed, and it’s sort of related to the photos too 😹

      • You are welcome, it is the least I could do 👍😂😂. I was happy to see a new post from you; it took me a while to actually read it since I was sort of pre-occupied at the time when I noticed it, but it was great reading what your time at Bali in Indonesia was like, and this post would not have been complete without your photography 👌✌️😆☺️💙

      • That is splendid, I love to hear that 🙌👏😂; thanks for the update 👍😄☺️💙💙.

        I can’t waite to see some surfing but through your lens haha 💦🌊🏄

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