After photographing snow and trees for 18 months

Got into a trishaw and went to another Southern Province Market here in Sri Lanka. Of course I took some photos while also having good food and doing great shopping. Some photos and some reflections and stories about photography, escecially self-doubt when not being able to take the pictures you want. … More After photographing snow and trees for 18 months

Coxos rocks

A reflection about how my photography style has evolved as a surf photographer, i focus more on the surrondings. But still my love for the sea is strong and I’m most impressed by the surfers. Photos from when I was photographing surfing at Coxos in Protugal along the Atlantic coastline. … More Coxos rocks

I make plans

Then I usually do the exact opposite. Like the last time I was here in Hikkaduwa, I took a walk on the beach and decided to go to India before going back to Sweden. That probably won’t happen. But I did some good thinking and made plans.

Early bird etc.

I always wake up early, when everything is quiet, it’s still dark outside and I have the world to myself. I love what the world looks like at that hour when the sun is near the horizon but still hasn’t risen above it. At first everything I can see is in grayscale but as soon … More Early bird etc.

All this surfing

Been taking so many photos, mostly of surfing and water because I spend nearly all my time at the beach. And if I’m not photographing or swimming in the sea I just sit there and look at it.