Moose at Midnight

Moose at midnight on the side of the road close to Haparanda.

It’s soon that time of the year when the part of the world where I grew up become the most beautiful, midsummer with 24 hours of daylight. Will probably miss it this year but the longing in me is almost physical, that’s when my homesickness becomes the strongest. But I got to experience it last summer.

View of Torneå River, the river I grew up next to, at Risudden. And, the sun that never settles during the night.

Last summer I did a lot of driving, of course I have mixed feelings about that too since the effects on the environment but the distances in the north are long. And I enjoyed it so much, to be able to experience the arctic summer with all my senses. Sometimes pain too, because we have a lot of mosquitoes. Once when I stopped the car got filled with mosquitoes and I almost panicked when starting to drive.

And it was a great summer. Warm and sunny almost every day. I even went swimming in the rapids at Kukkolaforsen, something that has seemed unthinkable to me previously. But, it was just nice and cooling in the hot summer night.

A very typical barn in Tornedalen. This was what I was going to photograph when I discovered the moose calves, and they discovered me.
Fishing at Matkakoski. The fisherman is standing on the Finnish shore. In this village, which my father (who among other things was a bus driver) showed me, you probably get the prettiest view of the river.
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30 responses to “Moose at Midnight”

  1. WOW WOW WOW 👌🤩🤩. I loved the photography and the scenes that you chose and I thought that Kukkolaforsen image of an object in the water resembling a fish (possibly a raft or a boat) was pretty funny hahaha.

    They are all awesome, the view at the Torneå River, and the other one of the fishermen at Matkakoski definitely stand out 💙☺️☺️

      • You are welcome 🙏.

        Wow, I can see that, and i think you did a fanttsic job of giving us a great idea of what it’s like 👌☺️💙💙

      • You are welcome 💙💙. Indeed, it’s the people anywhere you go that trully make the experience what it is and thank goodness you have come across some great people haha.

        I am happy knowing that it was a magical summers night for you. i hope many more are the same 🙌👌🙏☺️☺️

      • Hoping for that too 🤞 and it doesn’t have to be people to make an experience special for me it’s more of the moment itself that makes an experience special 😉

      • Hahaha sure; that comment was in respose to when you said “thay”, so I agreed and basically said that I was happy that you came across great people 👍✌️😄. I didn’t mean that people are the only thing, but if you have “people” that “prohibit” you from going there and prohibit you from taking pictures over here, and restrict your access from certain areas, that people in that sense could create a pretty miserable experience 😅😅. So I am happy that you didn’t encounter any of it 👍😂😂

      • That time I didn’t 😉 they were probably asleep at their homes. But maybe I’ll tell about the times they weren’t 🙄😉

  2. “That time I didn’t 😉 they were probably asleep at their homes. But maybe I’ll tell about the times they weren’t 🙄😉”


    Hahaha they probably were. Ok, if ever or whenever you are ready to share anything about your experiences, I am all ears <3 👍😄

  3. Enjoy your Friday (I assume it’s Friday where you are — I could be wrong 🤣) and thanks for the support 🙌🙌😂😇

    • Still Friday 😅 and have been enjoying it, all day! Started with meeting a cat outside my balcony early in the morning and then taking some of the surf photos I had wanted to, and then it continued! Hope you’re having a good one too!

      • Haha that cat seems to think that your balcony is very comfortable 🤣🤣. I am happy that you finally got to take the surf photos <3 <3 😂. Thank you, my day is going great; I know that the weather is going to get a little hotter later on but I am prepared 💪😂

  4. “Great 👍 seems like it’s a good day today! Go swimming if you can, did so myself in the pouring rain. Most beautiful 🙌”


    It certainly does 💯.And thanks for the tip; swimming would definitely be a refreshing activity especially at a beach since where i am from there are lots of them 🙌😂.

  5. Hei,
    Hieno artikkeli ja mukavia kuvia.
    Olipa hauska nähdä kuvia kotikaupungista ja paikasta, jonne aina kesäisin pyöräilen Tornion keskustasta.
    Toivon kaikkea hyvää sinulle ja läheisillesi <3

  6. Hej,
    Förlåt jag blev lite ivrig,
    när jag såg dina fotografer
    att jag tänkte dem vara
    på vår sida av gränsen.
    Nå, du kan byta ordet
    kotikapunki mot kotiseutu
    och alldeles är i ordning igen.
    Ha det bra i världen

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