Helena and the sea photography

Surfer and couple next to the ruins in Ericeira, World Surf Reserve, Portugal

The beauty of this world have always saved me

I’m a photographer from the north of Sweden. I’ve been nominated by IPA and gotten an honourable mention by WMO. I’ve a background in marketing, studied for an MBA in International business in New York and worked as a project manager for UngdomsBarometern. And, had my own market research company.

Now, I’m travelling the world taking photos.

Get in touch for photography work, marketing, collaborations or if you’d like to buy a print of my photos!

Latest posts

  • Desert Point, Lombok

    Desert Point, Lombok

    A story about an amazing morning ride in a Indonesian fishing boat along the Lombok coastline to get to Desert Point surf spot, and what I saw on the way. Also, how photographing affects me and what motivates me to travel to different places.

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  • I got nominated!

    I got nominated!

    My contribution to International Photo Awards that got noticed and nominated. My thoughts, and some tips, about the nomination now that the contest is over, and I’ve let it all sink in that I was among the finalists.

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  • It’s alive!

    It’s alive!

    I’ve finally gotten to set up my web shop on Shopify, starting small with three products but will be adding, and removing the store.

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  • I’ve visited places where only music used to take me

    I’ve visited places where only music used to take me

    A summary of what I’m doing and a realisation of how much time it takes to set up a photography business, like keeping up on social media, entering competitions and trying to get noticed. And, a declaration of love to the city of London.

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  • I think I’ve figured it out

    I think I’ve figured it out

    Reflections about my travels and photography during the pandemic. And if, and why, I might have PTSD and life in general. Also, photos to two photo exhibitions.

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  • Things I take for granted

    Things I take for granted

    Maybe I have a bit of coming home blues or, I don’t know but I miss living close to the sea where I can take surf photos at Tanah Lot, which is one of Balis most famous temples.

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