Surfer and couple next to the ruins in Ericeira, World Surf Reserve, Portugal

In a fast and constantly changing world you need to be able to navigate it – I can help you

I’m a photographer and project manager from the north of Sweden. I’ve been nominated by IPA and gotten an honourable mention by WMO. I’ve a background in marketing, studied for an MBA in International business in New York and worked as a project manager for UngdomsBarometern. And, had my own market research company.

Now, I’m travelling the world taking photos.

Get in touch for photography work, marketing, collaborations or if you’d like to buy a print of my photos!

“For us, it feels incredibly fun to have the opportunity to buy photographs from such an experienced and professional photographer as Helena Mettavainio. Helena not only captures the sport itself, but also the joy, speed and emotion in the images.”

Cornelia, Sports Coordinator, SweRolling

Latest posts

  • Sony World Photography Awards

    Sony World Photography Awards

    My view about entering photography awards, this time it was the Sony World Photography Awards. And is it really possible to compete in photography. Also, what does I as a photographer learn from entering photo contests.

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  • It’s the same moon

    It’s the same moon

    Another photo I’ve submitted to a photo contest, this time it’s LensCultures Art Awards. And some reflections on what photos, the moon and the sea mean to me. Furthermore, what photo editing does to me and how I can transport myself back to the moment I took the photo just by editing, or looking at…

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  • Honourable mention

    Honourable mention

    Once again a photo that I submitted to a photo contest got noticed and will be featured in a calendar for World Meteorological Organization.

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  • Reindeer at midday

    Reindeer at midday

    I did a road trip to the place I grew up in, Övertorneå in Swedish Tornedalen close to the Arctic Circle and Tornea River, where I met some reindeer. I’m doing a short summary of the culture, history and activities you can do all year round in these parts of the world.

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  • Let’s protect the sea while it’s still there – and we’re still here

    Let’s protect the sea while it’s still there – and we’re still here

    My underwater photographs that I took in Amed, East Bali this spring and it’s also my contribution to Aquatech Image Solutions contest “The Life of a Water Photographer”. And some notes of what made me feel completely connected to the whole world.

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  • A house full of hearts

    A house full of hearts

    Finding special places where you don’t expect to find them is one of my favourite things. And finding a house full of hearts and poems was very special when I was I Sagres, Portugal.

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