Sagres – where Gods meet

Algarve, Portugal, spring 2023

Yes, I’ve been traveling again. This time I went back to Sagres on the southern most point of both Portugal and Europe. It used to be called End of the World since in ancient times it was the furthest explored point and that was the name the Romans gave it. That’s the place you can see in the photo above.

This is just a short check in since I’m already checked into my flight and waiting by the gate. I’ll explain later why I say it’s the place where Gods meet. But. This was the view from my balcony so I think it’s sort of obvious why the gods like to meet there.

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    • Oh, it really is. I have so many photos of that point since so much changes in the appearance just at different times of the day and with the change in weather. Although, while I was in Sagres we had sunny weather all day and beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

  1. The idea of Sagres being the place where the gods meet, is thought provoking lol. That view from the Balcony is super 👌👌👌.

    “This is just a short check in since I’m already checked into my flight and waiting by the gate”

    Have a safe flight my dear 🛫✌️💞😃

    • Thanks 🙏 had a nice and relaxing flight. With nice views from my window too. Thought I was a drone for a while. Took some photos with my phone 😉 drone photos, which might be another subject for a blog post since I’ve got … some thoughts on that subject. Let’s just say, drone shots can be beautiful but also very misleading, especially if you’re a tourist, since the world never looks like those photos. Except if you’re a bird 🕊️

      • You’re welcome 🫶😃. I am glad to know that the flight worked out great 👏👏😄.

        It is a fun idea to view taking photos from the plane as akin to photos taken with a drone, although it wasn’t really a drone since you had to aim our phone’s camera at the scenes through a plane’s tiny window, but I get the idea haha.

        Drone footage can definitely be misleading if people don’t really know or understand what they are looking at and also because you always get a different perspective from ground level in contrast with aerial 😆. It’s a really beautiful thing to think that’s how birds see everyday life form a bird’s eye-view 🕊️🐦👌😄

      • I know 🕊️ I’m sort of envious of birds just flying around an looking down at the earth. Once I dreamt I could fly, or just lay down in the air and sort of float up in the sky. Liked it. On the other and, most birds have to collect a lot of food each day to survive. Think some species have to collect their body weight each day 😮 and that’s a lot of food. That’s why I help the birds close to my house with some sunflower seeds.

      • That is so true 😄. It’s like the birds always have the best view of their surroundings no matter where they go lol. With Humans, we have to go to tall building and hotels or multi millions dollar mansions, mountain tops, or even in planes or use drones, but for birds, it’s first nature 🤣🤣.

        That dream is incredible 💕🙌😃😄; a girl that loves the water, dreaming about flying high in the sky 💙💙. Hahaha, you’re right, most birds have to collect alot of food especially if they have baby birds too, so they probably don’t always get to enjoy their view up there. But I think most animals, particularly the ones that eat plants and herbs (herbvours), have to spend alot of time gathering and eating food for the reason that you mentioned. Animals like Snakes, Crocodiles etc, can go weeks and months without food — they just eat a whole animal and they are good for a long time 😆. It is very big-hearted of you to think about the birds close to where you live and feed them with the sunflower seeds 👍👍💯😄.

      • Well I love to have animals around me. One morning a squirrel and a small bird was sitting on opposite sides of the seeds having breakfast together when I walked out. Seeing that made me very happy ♥️

      • Awwww I can see that it makes you happy 💞💞. The story about the Squirrel and the small bird is cute and amusing 😂. How is your cat?

      • Oh, my lovely lovely cat has passed over to the other side of the rainbow. But I’ve got my birds and squirrels jumping around on the yard. This morning they’ve been enjoying breakfast and both second and third breakfast. And then lunch 🐿️

      • Sorry to hear about your lovely cat; that is very heartfelt 🥹🙏. Since we were talking about animals, your furry freind came to mind since I was wondering how it was doing, but I didn’t mean to stir any emotions 🤗🤗.

        He is over the rainbow with the rest of his feline friends in a haven of yarn and other kitty favorites 🤟💯😂🫶💕

        Hahaha you have yourself one cast of awesome critters who are have a great time ✌️✌️😂. It’s great that they are being fed really well 💕🙌☺️😄

      • Oh, thanks 🙏 he was the best cat and I miss him a lot. But as my neighbour in Stockholm replied to me when I told her about him not being with me anymore, and I mentioned to her that he had nine fantastic years. “Nine fantastic years, who gets to say that about their life.” So, he had a great life and made my life great too 🐱

        Yes, I love to have the squirrels, birds and even mouses around me. They’re entertaining too. Saw one of the squirrels, who got to the food first, chase away the next squirrel who showed up. Sort of surprising since I thought they were all friends. Apparently not 😹

      • It’s my pleasure 🤩🌹. You and your Neighbour are so right ☺️🙏🙌; when he was in your care, he was loved his whole life and had a fantastic time and that what really meant the most to him 😇😇💙💙. So at this point, we pray for him and send him our hearts 🙌🙏👼.

        🤣🤣 Hahaha I am surprised the squirrel got chased away by the other squirrel too; that food must have been beyond delicious 👌😃. There is never a dull moment with your animal friends 👍😆🤭

      • Well, they’re getting sunflower seeds. I’m worried the squirrels will get chubby so they’ll fall down the trees eventually 😹🐿️🐿️

      • 😂😂 Hahaha true. Or they may get so chubby that they won’t even be capable of climbing trees in the first place 😅.

      • That would be horrible 🙀 and also sort of reminds me of my cat, he was big but not really chubby, but he never learnt to climb trees so … it was a bit difficult for him ♥️

      • Awwww 💙💙💙. It may have been difficult for him to climb, but that was probably the only thing he had to worry about since he had an otherwise fantastic life and was living like a king ✌️✌️😆

        By the way, I apologize for the extremely late response.

      • Not sure if your replies counts as extremely late since mine sometimes are a week late 😹🪚🏡🌨️ due to sometimes other things that needs to be fixed 😅

        And my cat never learned to climb trees since he was mostly indoors. He could open those doors tho 🚪😽

      • Hahaha yes missy, you have your “priorities” 😁😁😆. I only considered it being late because of the fact that I “liked” it in the morning but actually replied hours later LOL

        “And my cat never learned to climb trees since he was mostly indoors. He could open those doors tho 🚪😽”

        smart cat 🤣🤣😃

      • He was the smartest 😼 even tried to turn on the stove after watching me using the microwave, he didn’t realise that they work in different ways. But that was an old stove, he might have been able to turn on a new modern stove tho 😉

      • 😂😂 I chuckled. There is no doubt that he was.

        How he tried to turn on the microwave after watching you turn on the stove is quite the story 💙💙😄

        Your cat was keen and very conning and it’s clear that there were no true limits to what he could do 👍😘

    • Thanks 🙏 it an amazing place! And there’s room enough there, not just for Gods to meet, but for people, and cats, to move around freely. Oops, gave away the answer to why Gods like to meet there 😉

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