A house full of hearts

Heart shaped grafitti in an abandoned house in Sagres, Algarve, Portugal
Heart shaped grafitti in an abandoned house in Sagres, Algarve, Portugal
On one of my walks in Sagres, Portugal I found a house filled with hearts.

I did a lot of walking along the coastline in Sagres and on my last full day there I found an abandoned house filled with heart shaped grafitti. This was such a nice surprise, hearts are probably my favourite symbol and shape, and finding a house filled with them felt like a great gift. I saw and heard other tourists walking past the house towards a point where you had a great view of the sea, and I thought to myself that they were missing a great place. On the other hand I wanted to keep the house and moment to myself so I didn’t tell them to come in and have a look. It also felt like an art exhibition since there were poems written on the walls. A lovely place and moment, so now since I’ve left I want to share that house with the world.

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  1. Oh how I 💙 this post very much 😄. Thank for sharing; it is remarkable that you came across an abandoned place like this that was just lathered with so many hearts and poems inscribed on the walls 👍💌😃.

    • It was a special moment! There’s a reel over on my Instagram: helenaisthlm with many more photos of the house, and poems. I’m multi platform you see 😉 And I don’t post everything here, or there … so check them both out!

      • Thank you for the recommendations 💙🤩💙. I am happy that you have found various avenues to shine your light and get your material out and I admire how you put them together 🤟🤗💯

      • Thanks! But I’m still figuring out how to put everything together so it’s just one whole entity for my company. Getting there 😉

      • You are very welcome 💯🤗😄. I didn’t by any means suggest or conclude that you were finished, I just complimented you on the way you have done things which has been conducive to your efforts thus far ✌️😄💙💙

  2. Thank you so much for sharing unique information in your blog post i really like it.

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