Things I take for granted

Surfing at Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia 2022

Surfer and waves in Berawa, Canggu, Bali 2022
Just look at the beauty of water.

I guess one of my strengths, and faults, is that I’m so much where I’am and that I think I’ll stay there forever because that’s what’s around me at the moment. Like now, I am in Stockholm and the weather is a bit crappy, and I think it’s going to be like that forever. Of course it’s not going to be that. And I miss having easy access to all these amazing sights and surf spots in Bali. I got to see Tanah Lot and to my surprise, you can surf there. And I had surfers in the water to take pictures of, haven’t seen any surf photos from Tanah Lot so it might be a bit unique. Not that I’ve been looking that much.

Surfing at Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia 2022
Finally, on my third visit to Bali I got to visit Tanah Lot.

While I was in Bali, and had the opportunity to photograph surfing every day, I thought I had a million opportunities to do that. So I didn’t. And now, I regret that. But I’ll have to live with those missed photos, and maybe learn something from it, and then change and do things differently next time. Or, maybe I just have to accept that time and energy is limited and I can’t do it all every day and time. Think I’ll be a bit happier if I do. Because now, after returning to Sweden after traveling for nine months and having to sort out a lot of things, I can feel how tiered I am. I’m so tiered I can’t even come up where my next trip will take me. But, that can change since I do change my mind. And, I’ve already got one trip to London and another to Paris coming up.


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42 responses to “Things I take for granted”

  1. I think I can feel what you mean.
    Great Text and beautiful photos.

    • Thanks 🙏 I’ll try and do some proof reading next time and have a more prepared post, or not, it’s just that sometimes I feel it better just to post something than spend an eternity trying to do the best post ever 😉 which will never happen anyways!

  2. Woo! You do travel a lot.

    The different shades of water is so picturesque. God is a great artist.

    You have posted after very long time.

    • Yes, I do travel a lot. Now. Was stuck in Sweden for 18 months during the pandemic so I thought I’d stay away for a while once I got out. And I know, it’s been a while but first I spent a lot of time traveling and photographing my last weeks in Bali and then, when I got back to Sweden … well, lets just say that everybody seems to be on vacation in Sweden in July and getting things organized takes a lot of time and energy. Hope everything is settled now tho 🤞

      • Wish one day you come to India. There are lots of water bodies, rivers, tributaries and seas here.

      • Oh, I love India and it’s waters. That’s where I learnt to “jump through” as it’s called in Ashtanga Yoga. I was practicing in the sea by Little Vagator Beach in Goa. And, would love to visit a Kumbh Mela, and photograph surfing in Covelong in Tamil Nadu. Yes, coming back to India is definitely on my list. I think I’ll need to visit Rajasthan too 😉 they have great jewelry there! And the best cotton in the world!

      • Even the beautiful fortresses.

        You should also visit Puri where the sea is rough and Kanykumari where Swami Vivekananda meditated on the famous rock. Seas if different parts of our country is different. Kutch is a white desert. Digha, we have the Bay of Bengal. The coastal line of India is quite long. Though Goa is quite famous but there are other places too. The hills too if you are interested.

      • And lot of history and fortresses.

        You may also consider visiting Puri where the sea is rough,. Digha where you can see the Bay of Bengal, Kutch is a white desert. Every part of the country has different seas though Goa is quite famous. The coastal line is also long and Kanyakumari where Swami Vivekananda meditated on the rock. The hills too have their own charm if you fancy.

      • India is such a big country with so many amazing places. I’ve actually visited Kanyakumari, the day before the tsunami 2004 so I’m a bit familiar with that place. And I want to visit Pondicherry, and The Bay of Bengal too. Don’t think one lifetime is enough!

  3. That’s a sensational shot 👌🤩🤩, it’s like you captured a bit of everything; the waves, the surfing, the sky and ofcourse the marvelous place up on the rocks adorned by some lovely greenery haha

    “But, that can change since I do change my mind. And, I’ve already got one trip to London and another to Paris coming up.”

    You are right, things can change. Since you were dealing with other things at the time, you may not have been able to fully think about whole lot, but as you got certain things out of the way, you may then be able to come up with something. But don’t get too ahead of yourself — “first things first” as the saying goes.

    I am glad to hear about the London and Paris trips that you have manged to work out ✌️☺️

    • Thanks! And yes, first things first. Maybe I can get this business of mine up on it’s feet properly as it seems all technical things are sorted out. Just need to sort out myself a bit too, think there’s a bit of PTSD lurking in the shadows but, getting better 🤞

      • You are welcome 💙💙. Interesting that you mentioned your business because I wanted to know how it was doing lol. It is a great sign that you got the technical issues sorted so that you can focus on you 🤩🤩. I hope things do get better 🤞🙏😇

  4. “Hope so too! Lots of ups and downs … and have so many things to do.”

    Point taken, all the best to you my freind 🙌🥰💕

  5. Cara Helena, stupenda panoramica, ottima composizione, dall’isola parte la scia delle onde che portano lo sguardo sul soggetto il serfista e viceversa.

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