Water, huh?!!

Longboard surfer at Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 2022.

Just look at that! The water splashing around the surf board. I’m not only in love with being in water and the feel of it. I love how it looks! It sure photographs well.

Water, and surfing, at Echo Beach. Bali, Indonesia 2022.

At this! It’s just a little bit more to the left from the first photo, but it looks completely different. The photo was not taken on the same day but this spot usually looks like this from where I often stand.

Yes, I miss being in the sea. But not strong enough for surf beaches and until I get to a good swimming beach, a pool is fine for me. Because I’m at an amazing warm and beautiful place. Less than a year ago, I put on a wetsuit and was freezing my a.. off in 5 degree water just to photograph it. So, improvement!

And, there are great surfers who help me make my photos of water more interesting and better. So, thank you!

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  1. Not only the surf but the surfer as well looks stunning. His movement and stance well captured and provides a contrast to the vibrancy of the surf. Movement and stillness, poise and what we call ‘tandav’ …. a more closer translation will be tumultuous perhaps and of course grace delicately balanced against soaring dishevel????

  2. Ciao Helena bellissime foto i miei complimenti e da quello che scrivi e come lo scrivi si capisce il tuo grande amore per il mare. ti auguro di poter continuare a seguire le tue grandi passioni e ti auguro una buona giornata. Cosimo

    • Grazie mille e spero di poter continuare a rappresentare graficamente l’acqua. E buona giornata anche a te!

      And I hope Google translate did a good job translating my words 😉

  3. Oh my goodness I can’t believe I did not notice 15 hours earlier that you had posted this. I thought I visited your blog around that time 😅🤭🤣

    I really liked reading it and how you were able to capture the water splashing around the surfer, is remarkable. Surfing is one thing, but photographing those aspects makes people look at it in a whole new and fun way 🙌🙌😆. And I understand what you were saying about missing the sea, surf beaches and whatnot, plus ultimately being fine with the pool for now, and I agree with your decision — always try hard to resist temptation and go with what your experience tells you especially when dealing with nature and its danger levels.

    But I must admire your “gangsta”, where a year ago you went out in 5-degree freezing water in a wetsuit, to take pictures of it 👌🤣🤣😁

    • Isn’t it?!! And when I’m swimming in the pool I just love watching the line between the water and the air. Lovely to look at, lovely to be in.

  4. ““Moi”, in this case, is French and means “me”. It can also be Finnish but then it’s “Hi!”. Moi moi!”

    Got it!. So what you said roughly translates into “pretentious me” (I probably should have guessed that but it was late at night and I was super sleepy 🤣),

    Thank you for the mini education Helena, it’s great to learn something new 👍🤟😆😆

      • I am grateful 🙏👌😇. You my be a photographer but you also seem to have very interesting speaking skills which is something I also find interesting ✌️💯💙💙

      • Well most of it is just natural, like growing up on the border between Sweden and Finland where the original language was Finnish ( they made a mistake when the border between the countries were drawn, some 100 years ago,so I ended up in Sweden). Also, studied English, French and German in school. Later took some Spanish classes. Went to uni in NY for a year, and traveled a lot. So it’s just that I’ve studied and practiced quite a few languages, which is not unusual in Sweden.

      • That is remarkable to know 💯🙏. Just to be clear, my point was that whatever it is about you that makes you possess your apt communication, is an interesting thing to *also discover about you from my perspective of being someone who initially became farmiliar with you on the basis of your interest in photography and not knowing much else about you. But I am so much more enlightened after reading your comment; thank you and sorry to bother you 👍😅💙

  5. “No worries. It’s nice that my efforts here are being noticed. Guess that’s why I got a blog 😉😹”

    Hahaha that’s true☺️☺️. You have a blog, and you want all the smoke 🤣😁😉. Enjoy the rest of your day Helena 🙏💙

  6. “Already made up my mind before the message 😉”

    If someone tells you “go die”, tell them “Terima kasih” or “Stūtiyi” as it is in Sinhalese LOL. That will surely shut them up for ever 😂😂😁

    With that said, I will leave your page before you start telling me “go die” in swedish 😆

    • Told them “Thank you too!” in English and got a “Tack!” from the guy at the cashier in IKEA which I visited today. You know it’s a Swedish company? 😉

      • Hahaha, “thanks you too!” in english was perfect 😂😂. It’s ironic that you received “tack” from the guy at the the cashier which I assume means basically the same thing (thanks, or thank you) but in Swedish 👍😄😄.

        Wow I had no idea that IKEA was a Swedish company 😆. One of the few times I heard about IKEA was recently when it was thought that they were one of the top companies that would stop operations in Russia, but I didn’t know much about it compared to American companies like Walmart, KFC, Target, Nike etc, and didn’t know that it was Swedish, so that is pretty cool to learn ☺️☺️.

        I heard IKEA mentioned in a reggae song but that’s a whole different story hahaha

      • Yes, ikea is Swedish as is H&M if you’ve heard of them. Their business idea used to be “we sell clothes to people”. At least it was in the 90ies, might have become more specific since then. On the other hand it worked, they’re global. Visited them too yesterday. So a Swedish Sunday 🇸🇪

      • I am happy that you visited them yesterday and about your Swedish Sunday☺️🙏💙, And thanks for sharing abit more about the history of Ikea and H&M. It is so good to know places lke those exist hahaha. As a matter if fact, upon research, Sweden is well respected and renowned for alot of things that I think even most Swedes themselves would be intrigued to hear about 😂

        Also let me just add, don’t worry too much about nasty comments made to you online or anywhere for that matter — that’s 5 grader stuff. Always take the high road 👋👍💯

  7. “Oh, yes I always do. Or, I’m not used to people being nasty … 🤷‍♀️”

    Good for you 💙💙. LOL no worries, you don’t need to “get use to” people being nasty with their 5-grader tantrums anyways 😁; It’s how you deal with it that counts; not every action deserves a “reaction” ✌️💯☺️. Usually that’s wht they want the most.

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