Yes, I enter photo contests

Sri Lankan children on the beach in Arugam Bay
Children from Arugam Bay Surf Club waving at a drone during class 😉

Yes. I enter photos to contests. Not to be considered as a great photographer. It’s just that I want to share what I’ve seen with the world. I want my photos to be exhibited so that other people can take part in the moments that happened when I took the photos.

Support. The children in Arugam Bay Surf Club in Sri Lanka get support from more experienced surfers both in the water and on the shore.

Yes, so I’ve entered this series of photos as a contribution to a couple of contests like the one British Journal of Photography does, Sony World Photo competition, Aperture magazine and now, Lensculture that has an exhibition I Paris. Let’s hope I can be exhibited there so more people can share the joy from the surf lesson.

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  1. Awwww, that is a pretty good idea 👏👌💯💯. I hope that many of the places that you visited and the charm the possess do manage to get more exposure by your efforts of using various contests as avenues to promote them, namely the Lensculture exhibition this time around. I hope that it pays off and enjoy the experience 🤟✌️😂.

    • Hope so too! Since instagram thinks I’m Russian and I can’t promote my printshop there 🙄 and I’ve tried solving that problem for a week or so.

      • Yes you are not Russian, you are who you are 🤩🤩. It is so bizzare that they think you are from Russia. I would love for you to get your printshop set up, so keep trying in the meantime and see what happens in a few weeks (based on how slow these companies take to resolve issues 👍😅)

      • Well. I get nowhere when trying to contact them. It’s just that I would need a business coach in this step. And would love to work with one who is a bit specialised in instagram, but can’t continue with that since I don’t know if I can market my shop on instagram, or actually set up one there.

        Well, my instagram got hacked while in Sri Lanka. The tag #hikkaduwa showed up no matter what I was posting. So, might originate from that. It’s just frustrating when I have to rethink this every day.

        Also, I’ve had my instagram for more than 10 years. It’s my life story there, and my development as a photographer. What if Meta, who owns instagram, decides to close my account? I know people there, on my account. Oh, well. Good morning! It’s a beautiful day anyway.

  2. I hope that you succeed in getting this arranged, I also would wait a while before setting up anything business related on your account until you can determine what may have caused the “hack” in the first place so that you can prevent it and make your account more secure before conducting any form of bussiness on it.

    Yes it’s strange, it’s hard to say what’s really going on since you were actually in Sri Lanka and for a “hacker” to hack your account just to put “#hikkaduwa” inside your posts is beyond freaky LOL. So Instagram thinks you are “Russian” and the “Russian” [hacker] thinks you are Ukranian 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

    That’s a valid question but you are not “banned” and they have not stopped you from posting anything. So far, your only issue apparently is not being able to promote your printshop which is very odd if the reason for that, according to you, is actually because they think that you are Russian when just a basic investigation of your account proves otherwise and they can see that you have been to multiple locations over 10 years and not a single one, then or now, was russia.

    Good morning back to you aswell 🤟😆. I am happy to know that it s a beautful day for you; enjoy every moment 🙏🙌💙💙

    • Was a good morning, the waves were great 🤘 took some photos!

      I know, my instagram is very strange but at least I still have it. And the # was more like whatever # I tried to put in, starting with whichever letter, #hikkaduwa was the first option on the list. Like it was pre-programmed 🙄 I don’t know. Signed up for a marketing coach anyways!

      • That’s lovely, I am starting to envy you these days 🤘😂😁😁.

        Hahaha right, it does sounds so much like it was pre-programed — it seems to actually be apart of Instagram’s “hashtag algorithm” more so than a hack lol. Good for you on signing up for a marketing coach 👌🤘😄. Now you will be even more savvy 👍😇😆

      • Oh, it is a nice life. But regarding the #, that happened even before I decided to go back to Hikkaduwa where I was a couple of weeks in 2020, before I had to leave because of the pandemic so … it’s not part of some algorithm. Still Russian according to Instagram, and I really find it horrible to be considered to be Russian when the country is destroying and killing in the Ukraine 🇺🇦

  3. Absolutely, I can tell you are having fun 👍☺️☺️. I know you can swim but can you also surf?

    Algorithms are notorious for prioritizing certain results by (with the aid of artificial intelligence) assuming to know what you want or might have interest in (based on various technical factors/data etc), and making them a reoccurring pattern. So this issue did seem preprogrammed to me especially considering that you have noted this particular thing happening since 2020 waaaaaaaaaay before the very “recent” Russian and Ukraine escalation. But I will go with what you are saying until further development 💯🤘.

    Yes I understand your displeasure about being falsely associated in any way with those deplorable activities.

      • I see, you’ve been hacked way too easily, it’s almost as if they aren’t hacking at all and just have access to it, hhhmmm. But I hope that you get the help that you need with the issue 🤟😄. For now, you can still use Instagram and hopefully you will be abe to secure your online accounts alot better moving foward.

  4. I know we have moved on now, but I left two replies to your precious comments here, did you see them? 👀😄

    • Have to go searching 🕵️‍♀️ sometime wp acts strange. Like I’ve followed someone and liked their posts and the next time I log in, I’m not following them. Happened these last days on at least three occasions 🙄

      • ” I’ve followed someone and liked their posts and the next time I log in, I’m not following them.”

        Yes that’s a common problem indeed. I didn’t realized how widespread it was at first until I saw a number of people raising the issue and it has been going on for quite some time (I also noticed it happing to me and cerain sites a while back).

        It’s ok, you don’t really have to go through the trouble of searching; I just wanted to make you aware so that you know what’s happening on your blog <3. Have a great day ✌️✌️😆

  5. You are welcome 🙏. Hahaha sometimes it’s better to be busy than to be bored and idle. Awesome, that sounds refreshing! 🏊👍😄. It’ currently raining like crazy on my end but i’m still on a roll 🙌👌😁😂

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