The one that got away

Longboard surfer at the nose of his board at Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali March 2022

… and the one that didn’t.

Longboarder at Batu Bolong, April 2022, Bali, Indonesia.

Usually it’s the camera that catches more moments than I do, because I have it set to 1/800 of a second and my eyes doesn’t have that focus speed. Like in the photo above. I’ve got so many good photos of that ride on the beautiful wave. But sometimes, strangely enough, I see and experience more than the camera. Because, when I’m taking photos I’m so focused and 100% in the moment, I watch everything that goes on like a hawk. I’m constantly scanning the sea and the surfers to see where my next photo will happen.

The one that got away.

But with the photo above, it’s the complete opposite. When looking through the viewfinder of my camera I could see the surfer walking on the board and then jumping so he was standing in the other direction. I was sure I had the shot since the shutter speed was so high. And yes, I always look through the viewfinder and not on the live screen in the back of the camera. But to my surprise, when I got back home, I didn’t have a photo of the jump itself, only a before and after. Oh well, I got some other good ones.

Young girl being taught surfing at Batu Bolong, Bali, April 2022, Indonesia.

I love when I see something that can be a story when I’m out taking pictures. Like the girl in the photo above. I was having breakfast and watching what was happening out at sea the whole time with my camera on standby next to me. So when I saw the surf lesson going on I started to take photos. And even if I was photographing the other surfers I kept coming back to the girl and her progress on the surf board. And here my camera caught more than what my eyes could see, it caught the expression on her face too. And her emotions, just the thing that I wanted to capture when I started photographing a long time ago.

Another longboard surfer at Batu Bolong in Bali, Indonesia in April 2022.

Sometimes I care more about how the water looks in my photos than the actual surfing. Not to diminish the capabilities of the surfers, it’s just that I love water. In the photo above the shutter speed of the camera is obvious, you can see the drops of water flying around the board as it glides through the sea. And, oh yes, I’ve edited out some surfers from the photo too. I do that sometimes because they don’t add anything to the story. I apologize to all surfers I’ve edited out, it’s nothing personal.

Echo Beach. The surf spot where it all started for me. Bali, Indonesia, April 2022.

Yes, it feels good to be back. I sort of know that spot, or actually it’s more like 3 or 4 spots depending on the conditions. And they were good this April morning, as were the surfers.


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10 responses to “The one that got away”

  1. I absolutely loved it 👏👏😂. I also got a good sense of how much you really like water.

    Additionally I found what you said about capturing photos that told a story highly compelling, and was delighted to read what you had to say about the girl that was taking the lessons and what you similarly said about the motions of the water captured in the photo of the woman surfing. Great photography, I appreciate your thoughts and keep up the good work 👋☺️

    • Thank you 🙏 really appreciate it! And it’s amazing that a camera can capture motion and freeze it. Still get surprised when I look trough my photos 😄

      • You are welcome, it’s my pleasure <3🙏😄. Yes that is so true; going back through your photos must be quite the treat 👌😄😄, and when you mentioned the shutter speed, the viewfinder and the live screen of the camera, I was highly intrigued because I actually did not know about some of that hahaa.

        The camera(s) that you use are way more interesting and capable than the typical camera on a phone or a tablet although both types are sill functionally similar to a degree 🎥📸😂

      • Oh don’t get me started on these two subjects 😹 of course it fun discovering great photos when you look through them but, it takes forever since I can have something like 500 photos after one hour of photography. And, a phone is not a camera. Which might be something I’ll explain more at a later time 😉 but the function is sort of the same.

      • Hahaha whoa having to sort though all of those frames and photos is serious business. Often people see the end result but don’t realize how much goes into it in other areas 👍😄.

        Yes a phone is not a camera; many of the ones these days do have “cameras” build into them, but after reading what your time with a real camera is like, I get the sense that they don’t really compare hahaha. And I am ready when you are my friend — I will keep an eye out for whenever you actually elaborate more about this particular aspect ✌️🙏😂☺️

  2. Amazing photos! For surfers, it’s good to have someone take a pic for them. I bet their focus is on the wave, and when it was good, the photo will be the evidence of great memory. If not, they can learn from the pic, like posture etc. Again, you captured fantastic moment👍💕

    • Thank you 🙏 yes, the surfers focus is on the wave but not only the wave they’re on but on where they’re going next. Guess it’s like in life, you can’t be too much caught up in the now, you have to focus where you’re going too.

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