Helena and the sea photography


Maldivian skater in Hulumale Skate Park

Sitting here at the airport at Male waiting for my flight to take off. Trying to summarize this part of my travels. Been here for almost three weeks but it feels like so much longer. Think it is because I’ve spent time at three very different islands doing different things.

Skaters at RedBull skatepark in Huluhmale.

On the last island Huluhmale, I only spent a total of three nights but really enjoyed them and did the most of my time there. The first night I went out and photographed skateboarding. Some might be surprised by that considering my blog name, but my background in photography comes from roller derby and it also has the same fluidity as surfing. Even the skatepark looks like waves.


I’ll write more when I get to where I’m heading this time. Until then, enjoy the photos because I had fun taking them.


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23 responses to “Fluidity”

  1. Hahaha great snaps 😂😂👌. You are correct, the skateboarding does flow alot like surfing when they are going over the humps and ramps 😆. Snowboarding and skiing also share the same similarities lol

      • LOL i’m sorry; [warning] my vocabulary is VERY VERY BROAD; that might seem strange to you at first but, yup, people like me do actually exist 👍😁😁😂

      • Hahaha absolutely 👍😂😂. I am well aware that it’s all in good fun 😆🤗💕, and I really admire the fact that you take your photography seriously — it shows 🤟🙏🌹☺️🥰.

  2. Hey, I hope you have a fluid day today 👍😂😂. I came by but there is no new posts so I just decided to leave a hello comment haha

    • Oh, I’ve been very fluid today. Visiting different places here on the island of gods 🙌 trying to find a place so I’m not fluid all my days. And thanks 🙏 for checking in!

      • Lovely; keep enjoying your time there 🙌😂; and yes it’s ok to have fun but do not over do it, the “gods” are watching 😈😂😂. You are welcome; it is a must haha. Be safe and enjoy your day and week 💙💙😂

      • Oh, I’m enjoying my time here. And it’s not like I’m out partying it’s just that I’m finally relaxed enough to not feel pressure to accomplish something every day and just go with the flow. Something I’ve not done in a very long time 🙏

  3. “Oh, I’m enjoying my time here. And it’s not like I’m out partying it’s just that I’m finally relaxed enough to not feel pressure to accomplish something every day and just go with the flow. Something I’ve not done in a very long time 🙏”


    Yes, that’s exactly what I was meaning 💯💯💕. I didn’t think it was about partying — it was the fact that you also wanted periodic moments where you didn’t feel the need to be fluid for a change, so I encouraged you on that 👍😄🤗🤗

    • Well, unfortunately it only lasted for a few days … now back to trying to find someplace to live. So I hopefully can continue to enjoy life after that 🤷‍♀️

      • Yes but this is probably like the 1 millionth time you did something like this 👍😂; it’s not new to you so I know you got this covered 🙏🤗😇. You’re a travel savvy gal — probably planned for months/weeks haha. It’s all part of the “luxury” of being able to travel to these great places 💯🤟😁😂

      • I know 😹 it’s just that it would be nice to be settled somewhere. But then I probably be super bored … oh yes, I’m bit of a drama queen too. And traveling to these amazing places at a time like this is very special! So yes, I’m lucky!

  4. LOL I know what you mean, just because I like to do something it doesn’t mean I would want to do it all the time 24/7s — we have other things we would like to do too 😅😆. But we find ourselves putting up with a little short-term inconvenience for lasting memories and invaluable experiences 👍😂😂.

    I think you are lucky too — I don’t really think you are that dramatic but if you insist, I have no choice but to believe that you know what you are talking about since you know yourself better than anyone else 🤭🤭😄

    • Well sometimes I dramatize things that happen in my life, but I’d like to have a base somewhere to come back to. Let’s see what happens 🤨😂

      • Don’t worry, “dramatizing” stuff to convey things to people and “over-reacting” are two totally different things. “Overreaction” is dramatic, but “dramatization” is very understandable 👍👍😂

        Hahaha yes we well see what happens fingers crossed 🤞👌😆😇

  5. Who would have thought that land, sturdy and firm as it is, would be capable of reflecting fluidity?

    (Thank you for following The Monching’s Guide, by the way.) 🙂

  6. Just need to find a place with good internet. Standing in a hotel corridor isn’t the best place for writing and editing photos 🙄 the continuing story of my travels 😹

    • Thank you 🙏 well, the skate park is sort of shaped like waves and the skaters are like surfers. On the other hand, I think so much is fluid like the sea. My Ashtanga yoga practice for example, I used to train on certain things in the sea in Goa 😉

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