Who would have thought

Who would have thought that I would be that kind of person who feels completely at home at an outdoor café in Huhumale, an artificial island outside of Malé which is the capital of the Maldives. Not me when I was a kid growing up in the north. But here I am, sitting drinking lime juice and eating blueberry cheesecake thinking it’s the most natural thing in the world for me.

Swimming with blue fishes at the reef close to the beach at Ukulhas in the Maldives.

I’ve been here in the Maldives for more than two weeks and it’s my second time here. Never even thought I would ever visit the islands once in my life. And I sort of know how it is here, but also not at all. The islands are very different and I’ve been to two inhabited islands that are shifting from supporting themselves on fishing to now developing their islands to welcoming tourists. The islands are in different states in their process and it’s been very interesting to study that. I’ve taken many photos, some of them with my phone, and I’ll try to do a proper post about the islands. But for now, since I’m about to soon check into my hotel, these are the ones I’ve have, from where I’ve been swimming with my camera in crystal clear turquoise water.

Reef outside of Dhangethi one of the 1200 islands in the Maldives out of which 200 are inhabited.

So, what does it take for me to feel at home? Well, first I have to have someplace to call my own. But a hotel room falls into that category, so not too difficult. Also, like today, I’ve spent one night here before so I sort of know my way around and can tell the taxi driver where to stop. And seeing a couple of familiar faces also helps. So not to picky about what I call my home. But then there’s something else, and that’s what Home really means to me, but that’s another story.

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  1. Wow this was great to read 👍😄💙. I am happy for you and the new outlook that you have gained over time for the islands of the Maldives. i actually felt and saw the sense of appreciation that you were trying to convey and how it just felt great for you to be able to let yourself go and enjoy that paradise of an environment 🙌💯👌😂

    • Oh it’s great here! And not just in that “beautiful paradise” kind of way, I love staying at islands where there are locals. And that’s usually not the way the Maldives are described. Hulhumale where I’m staying is a modern city with lots of cafes and restaurants, and people hanging out at those places. After I wrote the blog post I went out and took some photos at the local skatepark 🛹 and who would have thought that?!! 😸

  2. Hahaa I guess it depends on what is meant by paradise, when I said paradise, in context I meant everything in a nutshell. I meant the entire experience; not from a “commercial” standpoint 😂😂. It was more of a play on words; I was talking about your experience in a nutshell, without going too much into specifics (for the sake of not making the post too long), but you certainly provided alot more perspective 🙏🙏😆☺️

    I know i would not have thought that haha. I would have expected you to be inclined to be at sea as your name says 😂😂. It seems like you had a good time taking photos at the park 💙💙😄

    • Had a great time 😊 and I’m not all about the sea. Started photographing because I wanted to capture peoples emotions and sports are probably the best place to do that. Also, skateboarding is quite a lot like the sea. It’s the same kind of fluidity 🌊

      • Absolutely, it’s clear that you’re not strictly about the sea 😂💙; I was being playfully sarcastic with that remark in particular (I probably should have put one of these “😉” at the end of it hahaha) but I am happy that you had fun, pus i liked how you framed the link between the ocean and skateboarding 👌🤣🤣.

        You are spot on — sometimes photography is about more than taking a clear picture hahaha. When I see your photos, they always tell a story 🙏🤗🤗

      • Oh 😌 Thank you! Got to take surf photos today 🙌 it’s great to be in a city for awhile. But I’ve realized I miss mountains. More of those soon ⛰

      • You are welcome 🤗💙💙.

        Hahaha wow, it looks like you have alot of great areas to cover; it’s like there is inspiration at every turn 🙌😆. It will be interesting seeing pictures of the mountains because I don’t think I have seen any from you (maybe I am not looking hard enough? 😂😂). I’m on the look out 🔭📸👌😂

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