As long as there’s fish in the sea

Fishermen and their boats in Arugam Bay, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka October 2021

I’m not quite sure what it is that makes me photograph fishing boats and fishermen, but I have a hunch why I do it. I have the highest respect for fishermen and they are important for this part of the world since that’s how many people here make a living. The fishermen and I spend an equal amount of time looking out into the sea, and we keep the same hours. Yes, I usually wake up really early, I both like and need it. And also, the fishing boats are usually around when I photograph surfing, and I’m a restless photographer so I take pictures of everything that’s around. While I was photographing surfing in Edava, Kerala I also during one hour took pictures of a wedding couple, fishermen and surfers, probably some birds and dogs too.

Emptying the nets from the days catch, fishermen in Arugam Bay, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka October 2021

Beach dog waiting for some fish in Arugam Bay, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka October 2021
All the things going on when the fishing boats have come into the beach in Arugam Bay.

Another fascinating thing, when the boats are coming in they are driving as fast as they can so they end up as high on the beach as possible.

After the tsunami, when I was in Kovalam in Kerala, where in the evening we used to see the lights from the fishing boats out in the sea. The locals used to call the lights from the boats “The Sri Lankan Highway” when tourists asked what road the lights they could see were coming from. After the tsunami there where no lights. I wondered what had happened to the fishermen, their boats and their families. A couple of days after the tsunami, when we were allowed back on the beach, I found a plastic rosary there that I still have. Maybe it belonged to a fisherman.

Fishing in the lagoon between Arugam Bay and Pottuvil, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka, October 2021.

People waiting on the shore ready with ice boxes on the bikes for the fish. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka October 2021.

On my first visit to Sri Lanka I got so happy when I stayed by the sea at a hotel in Hiriketiya and could see the lights from the fishing boats at night. The Sri Lankan Highway was back.

Catamaran, and of course lots of crows hoping to get lucky. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka October 2021.

Fishermen in Kovalam, Kerala, February 2020.
Surfing and fishing. Edava beach, Kerala, India February 2020.

Fishing boat at sea outside Varkala, Kerala in India, February 2020.

  1. WOW incredible images as usual Helena 💙💙✌️😄. Also the quality of the photos are extremely clear/crisp 👌👍

      1. Yes it was definitely a huge plus haha. And you are welcome my friend — keep enjoying what you’re doing 🙏🤗💕

      2. Absolutely, especally if things tend to get a little to hot lol. Just becareful 💙💙

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