On the road

Since I’ve gotten here I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the road, not only because it’s a good time due to it being between the eastern and southern province surf season and it’s raining for a while almost every day, but also because due to the pandemic buses and trains are not running as they normally do.

So. I’ve been in cars on different roads all across the country. And this is part of what I’ve seen on those roads as we pass through villages, forests and fields. Sometimes making short connections with the other people on the roads.

Stopping to take photos, get something to drink or have a cigarette. And speaking of cigarettes, they are somewhat difficult to find right now probably because there’s been a proposition to raise the price quite a lot to use the revenue to raise the teachers salaries, and some people have apparently been stockpiling cigarettes. In some places where we stopped to try and buy a cigarette, that’s how most Sri Lankans do, they buy one cigarette at time, we’ve been told that there hasn’t been any cigarettes during the last week or so.

Some of the photos are taken through the windshield while we’re driving so the photos are truly a representation of what I see.

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    • Thanks! Realized that so much of my travels here are missing if I don’t take photos while being in a car, or tuktuk. And, there’s so much going on close to the roads.

      • You are welcome ☺️💕

        That’s very true lol. Taking photos of your adventures and travels helps to capture those interesting moments in time and reveal your experiences in a way that words alone won’t do justice haha. Kudos to you once more my friend 💙💙

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