Arugam Bay Surf Club

Yes, I’m finally back in Sri Lanka after waiting for 18 months to be able to come back. And, I’m taking pictures of people! Even though I enjoy winters in the north with snow and trees I prefer warm waters and photographing people. This week I had the pleasure to photograph Arugam Bay Surf Club when they were teaching the children to surf. And I loved it, because there was so much happiness in the air, everybody was enjoying themselfs and the beach, and even if the kids were focused on surfing there was still room to be playing around on the beach and in the water. And for me it was an opportunity to capture emotions with my camera.

Prasani, who also celebrated her birthday, cheers on a friend who just stood up on the board.

Arugam Bay Surf Club was founded in 2000 by two locals, Johnson and Ranjan who wanted to share their passion for surfing with the community, and nowadays they not only arrange surfing lessons but also do tours, and safaris, of the local area, arrange surfing tournaments and activities as beach cleanups. You can read more about them, and get in touch with them here:

You can read more about them, and get in touch with them here:

Edited in February 2022: The link I posted doesn’t seem to work at the moment but, you can get in touch with them trough their instagram where they’re also called: arugambaysurfclub And they’re good at replying. Soon it’s east coast season 😉

Since I love water I think it’s so important to teach children not to be afraid of the sea and let them enjoy, respect and love it.

I don’t have so much more to say about last Wednesday, instead I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Because I think they do.

Waving to the drone flown by instaphtographer @a_greener_hue

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