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Sometimes I focus so much of what’s ahead that I forget what surrounds me. Like this moment. I had stopped my car, gotten out and took photos of the mountains in front of me. Was getting ready to get into the car again and continue to Riksgränsen when I saw what was to the left of the road. Čuonjávággi, or The Lapponian Gate as it’s also called, a legendary sight of the north. And I almost missed it. Once, back when it was allowed, I’ve flown through it, the pilot decided to take us sight seeing before landing in Kiruna. 

Čuonjávággi, or The Lapponian Gate in Swedish Lapland, Sápmi country

What was in front of me and I was so amazed by was this. Even when editing it I get blown away by the beauty.

Road leading up to Abisko mountain range

On the drive up north from Kiruna I just kept stopping the car and getting out to take photos. I found it really hard to keep my eyes on the road, but after this stop I didn’t allow myself to stop before reaching Gränsen because the weather was getting a bit worse, for a while that is since it changes so fast up there.

Abisko mountain range right at the beginning of Torneträsk, Swedish Lapland, Sápmi country

Oh, and this is the lake where the river I was born by originates, Torneträsk. It’s all related. My family used to own reindeer too.

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    • I totally understand what you are saying; there is so much to see that it can be hard to focus hahaha. I am happy to hear about your change as well, as along as it’s what you want; aim for it 👍🤗🤗

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