You only regret the photos you don’t take

I was just sitting there waiting for my room to get finished so I could move in. Looking at the mountain and being amazed by it since I hadn’t been there for a while and it’s big and beautiful. The hotel is situated halfway down the hill so you feel like you’re in the middle of it. While looking at the skiers I realized that there where photos that needed to be taken. So I did just that. That’s it.

Still remember one of the photos that weren’t taken; one early morning in Goa as I was walking by the river I saw a woman crossing it in the water, the bridge was a bit further down the road so she just took a shortcut through the river, and she was standing in the exact spot where the morning sun hit the water. And it was a moment, sooo beautiful. And I didn’t photograph it. Still regret it to this day. Maybe I’ve made the moment a bit more beautiful in my memory, I sometimes do that.

Off-piste skiing at Riksgränsen, in the north of Sweden, in Lapland, Sápmi country.

Yes, I’ve been up in the north, in Swedish Lapland as close as you can get to the Norwegian border. But we can’t go to Norway right now. Took many photos of that place, some are already in my portfolio here, some are on my instagram, more will follow.

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2 responses to “You only regret the photos you don’t take”

  1. The title of your post caught my eye. We do enjoy moments and are so happy living them yet, if we don’t click them we only have our memory to cherish them and at times, memories fade….

    • Yes, exactly. But sometimes I have to leave the camera at home so I can be fully present in the moment because I can get so preoccupied with looking at life through the camera lens 😉 so, take photos but also be fully present. Difficult.

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