The gang’s all here

I’ve always been obsessed by water, it started when I was really young and sitting in a water tub in our sauna until my fingers looked like raisins and continued with me happily swimming in the cold TorneĆ„ River while my friends had blue lips and were freezing their asses off. But not me. And it has not stopped. Now it’s the end of winter here up in the north, the snow is melting, and my desire to be in the water is growing with each day. Looking at these photos I even have a hard time imagining that this was my reality a little more than a year ago. It was amazing, warm waters with lots of fish in The Maldives. Riding on fast boats and swimming with sharks and sting rays.

So happy I’ve been there and experienced it, but really, I want to go back too.

There are more of my water photos from the Maldives in my portfolio.

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