India and those amazing temples

When I was spending every winter in India practicing Ashtanga yoga, we did our yoga practice for two hours super early in the morning six days a week and on our day off we sometimes got up super early and visited a temple. To get to this we left around 4 in the morning, or something like that, so we would be there around sunrise before it got too hot to climb the mountain the temple was on. No idea where the temple is, somewhere in Karnataka, and on the way there, while it was still dark, in the middle of nowhere we saw a burning motorcycle. Very random.

Why are most holy places so difficult to get to? Also, took this photo with my first digital camera, around 2008, with no possibility to change the settings. Turned out good. So it’s not about the camera.

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  1. Awesome to see a picture you took in 2008 with your first digital camera ✨📸🎞.

    The temples in India are no joke. If you were to actually go on a mission to actually photograph as many as you can, you would be there forever 👍😂. There is so much of that stuff over there. There ere alot of ancient remains all over that country and just as plentiful are the many ancient traditions which are still well and alive in the culture lol. but i don’t think you need me to tell you that since you have actually been there and I have not 🤣

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