This week: mostly pink, some green

Photos I’ve taken this week, seems like so much have been pink. Tried to photograph the northern lights that appeared behind my house, took 35 photos out of them one is sort of sharpish.

Love roses, apologized to them when I removed the less perfect petals but it is easier to do that than fixing it in the edit.

The prettiest pair of Air Force 1 I’ve ever seen. And, they’re mine.

The legendary icebreaker Ymer at sunset close to my home. Because here, the sea is still covered with ice.

The northern lights, which I really can’t recall from my childhood. Must have seen them then, don’t remember them. Maybe we didn’t make so much fuss of them then?

All in all, been a good week.

  1. You took great photos of the roses (very beautiful) and shoes (those shoes are so cute ✌️😆).

    At first before I read your captions, I thought the Ice breaker was an oil drilling company or some sort of industrial plant way off into the sea 😂 (your pictures are excellent, I just didn’t look closely).

    Wow only one out of 35 🤭🤭, atleast it was not a complete waste haha

      1. You are welcome ✌️😆.

        Awww don’t mind that 💙💙. I would have so LOVED to hear those thoughts, but even though this comment isn’t like that one, it still means alot to me and I am grateful that you appreciated my feedback 🙏☺️

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