It’s every day, International Women’s Day

Woman and child on a black sand beach.

I’m reposting this today, as it is International Women’s Day today. And, I still stand with what I’ve written so it’s as current today. Maybe even more, in some countries new rules have been written that women are not allowed to study and in other countries the abortion rights are being taken away from women. In some regards women are again being oppressed and have their rights minimised. So, the fight continues.

It has nothing to do with what women are doing, like succeeding in a sport where men have dominated for a very long time, or playing with their child, all these activities should be considered equally important and women should be valued, respected and treated, the same way men traditionally have been. Women and men are equals. But since this is still not the case I choose to feature women in this blog post and also try to photograph women as much as I can.

Yoga instructor, and surfer, on her surfboard in Sri Lanka.
Women from the Maldives outside a shop in the afternoon.
Spanish surfer and singer, living in Mallorca, surfin in Marissa, Sri Lanka.
Roller derby players from Finland and Sweden.
Roller derby player from Stockholm Roller Derby happy when winning The Swedish Championships.
Players from Stockholm Roller Derby hugging before for the last minutes of a roller derby bout.
Indian woman at a market in Goa, India.
Joan, an amazing Indian woman now living in the US, who I met during a yoga retreat in Assagao, in Goa.
Sarong seller at Echo Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
Maldivian girl who I met during one of my visits who’s father had thought excellent English since he thought it was most important for her to be able to speak different languages.
Wedding in Stockholm in the spring of 2018.
Even though it’s not about being tough, the roller derby players I’ve photographed are among the toughest I’ve met. And they’ve got a great sense of togetherness. Actually, the players in the red tops are from Norrköping Roller Derby and on the back of their jerseys it says “Tillsammans” which mean “Together”.
Focus. Scald Eagle of Denver Roller Derby who is a great derby player, with an amazing focus in the game.
Crime City Rollers winning the Swedish Championship.
Jules, a German surfer from Sylt.
German surfer, Diana, from Sylt.
Alissa, surfer who teaches surfing in India and Sri Lanka.
Young skateboarder from Stockholm doing tricks on her board.
Skater at Push Stockholm who is not only a skater but a snowboarder as well. And so full of energy.
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