And I continue

I continue waking up early in the mornings, getting on my bike, being stunned by the beauty of the city and feeling fully present while I’m swimming in the waters around Stockholm. Sounds pretentious, but it’s true. And usually it’s the best part of the day.

Reimersholme in Stockholm early one summer morning 2020
Reimersholme in Stockholm early one summer morning 2020
Boats in the canal between Reimershome and Långholmen in Stockholm one early summers morning 2020
More boats from the canal in Stockholm, summer 2020
The view from the beach at Långholmen, Stockholm where you can swim in the middle of the city. It’s also close by to a prison that’s now turned into a hotel. Back when I was working at a nursing home I got to know an old woman who grew up on the island because her water worked at the prison. This city is so full of my memories but also memories from the people I’ve met and the stories they’ve told me.
The factories in Liljeholmen seen from Södermalm, the island in Stockholm where I lived and worked for many years. Summer of 2020 when the pandemic just had hit and paralysed the world.
New apartment houses in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. There used to be factories here before so they had to do a good job of cleaning the ground before they could build apartments here. Early one foggy summers morning 2020.
This is my favourite walk in Stockholm. You start at Tanto in Södermalm and then you continue along the water to Eriksdal and Skanstull, you can also go swimming along the walk and I’ts the greatest thing to be able to swim in the middle of the city. I shouldn’t be telling this since I like to keep the place to myself, but since I’ve moved and like to share things I’m giving away my secret place in the city of Stockholm.
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7 responses to “And I continue”

  1. I really like how you presented this and I like the picture with the fallen tree in the misty surroundings. The place that is your favourite walk in Stockholm looks like a super splendid area too. Plus the captions you added are really helpful 👍🙂

    “I shouldn’t be telling this since I like to keep the place to myself”
    hahaha it’s too late, now everyone knows it 😈🤭

    Oh my goodness, you rode a bike? — was it a motor bike? 🏍😂

    I made a comment here before that you said yo couldn’t find but I just thought I would give this another read and share my thoughts again lol

    • No, not riding motorbikes in Stockholm 😉 but have been riding scooters in India (where I taught myself to drive in the city of Mysore), Sri Lanka and Bali. It’s so much fun! Can be dangerous too, flown off my bike twice trying to avoid cars that didn’t see me and a cute dog!

      • Kudos for teaching yourself how to ride the streets of Mysore. I have seen some of the traffic flow in certain parts of India and they can be like mazes 🤣🤣. It would definitely take some getting use to, especially for foreigners.

        I am sorry to hear about the incident related to you and the cute dog, but you are tough as nails 😂😂😁

      • Not really that though. And I don’t want to be. I’d like people to be nice to each other and to me too. But seems impossible in this world.

  2. Awww that’s sweet to hear 👍💙💙.

    I didn’t mean tough in a “volent” or “abrasive” manner; I meant “tough” in the sense that you are resilient, and I was speaking in a litehearted context not in an egotistical sense so I just watned to clear that up lol.

    But I agree 100%, kindness goes a long way and what goes around comes around.

    • Even if I have a high bounce-back rate, there’s only so much a person can take. As I said in one of my previous post 🙂 And, I believe in kindness.

      • Yes I never said that you were “invulnerable” or “invincible”, that’s not the point. My remark was just a lighthearted gesture in reference to when you said you were flown off the bike on two occasions trying to avoid cars. It had nothing to do with suggesting that you have overall indestructability 😆😆

        I don’t know much about you to be making assumptions about your character just like that, the only thing I know is that you take pretty pictures and you have eyes that are even prettier and that’s all I need to know 😁😜💙

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