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Mirror selfie at my favourite hotel in London. Which isn't a hotel anymore.


My name is Helena and I’m a photographer currently in Bali, and sometimes I’m in Sweden where I’m originally from the north. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, living and studying in different countries like the US, where I did my MBA studies in international marketing, and India where I studied yoga. I lived for many years in Stockholm but recently moved back up north since I missed it so much and appreciate being closer to nature.

I’ve always been fascinated by photographs and photography, I liked photos of artist like Salvador Dalí and Frida Kahlo more than I liked their paintings. The photos were pieces of art themselves. And I loved looking through my parents and grandparents photo albums, looking back through time.

Later in my life, when digital cameras entered the scene it became so much easier to learn how to take pictures so I got one. I started my career by photographing sports, almost accidentally, since I wanted to capture emotions. Usually when you point a camera at someone they become somewhat self conscious, I wanted to avoid that so I figured that if a person is busy doing something else they won’t think about the camera directed towards them. I was right, and loved taking sport photos, especially roller derby photos. I also learned to take pictures under quite bad conditions since the light and colors in gymnasiums usually are … less good. These last yers I’ve been photographing surfing, I’m so impressed by these athletes too and I love water. The light conditions are a lot better too. Besides photographing sports I’ve also photographed weddings, hotels, nature, scenery and everything else that’s part of life.

I love taking photos and do it a lot! 

If you like my way of seeing the world and want me to take some photos, or would like to buy some of the ones I’ve already taken,  fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you!


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