It was a beautiful morning

Echo Beach – crazy beautiful

Got up. Got my camera. Went outside.

It was a beautiful day and the waves were big. So nice. Honestly I don’t have much more to say. Just enjoyed being outside and taking photos.

Grom surfer at what I call the main point
Another grom surfer. And there were barrels too.
Try to put the temple in the photo but a bit difficult here.

I’m so impressed by the young surfers out there. Love being at this spot because I can basically photograph three surf spots at the same time and since I’m the restless kind of person it suits me perfectly.

Take photos of people who are not surfing too.
Another attempt at including the temple in the photo and trying to see how good the camera is at keeping focus on the surfer.
The coastline is just amazing when the waves are rolling in.

And then I went and had breakfast and met a nasty waiter. Tried to not let it affect me, but it did. It’s just that when I’m out talking photos I have to have all my senses open, and then everything affects me. But, went home and had a look through my photos, they looked good, edited them. And here they are.

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  1. That surfer dude in the main point was catching some sick waves💯🤣🤣. All the others look FANTATSIC too haha. Great shots ✨ Helena ✨ 👌👌😆

    I also think i know what you meant by barrels, I had completely forgotten about that (maneuver?) LOL

  2. Actually, for get what i said about “maneuver/trick” — I think barrels just means how the water arcs over the surfer 😅😅

  3. Oh, I think I understand the context of your question better now.

    What happened was that I had “copied” the original version of your comment so that I can make a new comment since I didn’t see the “reply” button LOL The “reply” button/link seems to disappear after a certain number of replies to a comment-thread has been made.

    So apparently, while I was creating the comment, you had edited and shortened the original comment which I only realized after I submitted my reply which contained the original unedited version, so sorry about that and sorry about the confusion ✌️😄😄

  4. Thank you for liking my post ! I appreciate all your posts, but my like button still no working, I am very sorry. Have a nice day (or evening) ! Diana

    • Yes it’s amazing here. Sometimes I forget that since I been here a while. But when I take a minute and take in my surroundings, I realise it again 🙏

  5. “A bit confused about where this comment is going but found and approved it 👍”


    I am very sorry about that 😅. I saw what you wrote in the comment originally before you edited it to just “It’s super professional”. Respectfully I am not going to go into the details since they are no longer in the comment as was your desire, but it was connected to you being a former manager of a project, that’s why I said “thanks for the insider scoop” 😄😄.

    You added those additional details after you said “It’s super professional 😹”, so I was thinking that the additional information was just an elaboration of the “It’s super professional” remark, and framed my comment to agree with your overall sentiments by suggesting that you were probably alot better than me at the particular things you gave insight on 👍😂.

      • Hahaha yes, you remember 🤩🤩. Indeed, such savvy “tricks”, as you originally called it, can come in handy sometimes, just like your good memory 👌😁😉😉

      • Yes, my memory still works 🥳 even though I’ve filled it with so many new things this last year. Guess the snow shoveling made space for some more stuffs!

  6. I would have to agree 👍😂😁. Filling your memory with new things is ironically how you help your memory since your mind is being stimulated lol. Wow you were shoveling snow?, it’s snowing in Sweden? ❄⛄

    • Oh, it snows so much. At least last winter. For one week I didn’t make it further than my mailbox since I had to shovel 400 square meters of snow every day. Sometimes two times a day. One day I shoveled snow for 17000 steps, checked my phone, that was something like 6 kms 😰 so yes, it snows in Sweden.

      • Whoa I cannot imagine having to do that stuff on a regular basis — shoveling all that snow is quite a workout 🏋‍♀💪😁😂. The most I have to contend with is some heavy rain and a storm or two when the hurricane season peeks, and that’s about it LOL. But I am still rather intrigued by the weather and seasons in Sweden.

      • I’m not. Because, it’s basically winter for six months and then summer for a maximum of three. But last summer was at least hot and sunny. Not really enough to compensate for all that shovelling 😹 but it’s pretty to look at and skiing is fun!

      • Hahaha yup, it is pretty to look at (probably the next best thing besides you 👍😂😁😁), and don’t worry I understand your pain lol.

        I certainly do not think that being bombarded and buried in snow that you have to keep shoveling away, is going to be the greatest thing ever haha.

        But I am intrigued about things like how it could be late at “night” but the sun is still out very bright. The closest I have ever gotten to experiencing something like that, was when I had been in New York and it was around 8:00-ish/9-ish at night and it looked like afternoon. I was not confused but I was in awe 🤣🤣.

        I am well aware that for alot of people this kind of thing is daily life, but where I am from, as soon as it’s 6:30 PM and later, outside is very dark and it’s always like that in every month and every year. So hearing about how the sun sets and how many hours of sunlight or night-life some places get, and hearing about the different seasons and what it’s like I other countries during different times of the year (like in Sweden compared to tropical regions for example) things like that seem almost mythological to me since I do not experience anything like that at all lol

        Sorry for the essay Helena 😅😅

      • Oh, it’s good that somebody else, besides me, writes here too 😉 after traveling in countries like these where the change in seasons is more about more, or less, rain I sometimes miss the changing of seasons. Back when I spent every winter in India, and spring and summers in Sweden, I became really confused about when things had happened since I lost one major season. Winter. Actually I function better in places where it’s 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night.

      • That’s good to know 👍😂💙. I totally agree with what you are saying — it’s far more practical to adjust to the 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night cycle since it’s more consistent but having the oppertunity to switch up and go to different places at different times is fantastic because NOTHING beats being able to experience the best of both worlds, or many worlds although that does take up more time and energy, but if that’s what we want, it’s worth every commitment haha.

      • And also, the world looks different at midnight when there’s light outside because the light comes from a different direction that your not used to! 🌇

      • Very good point 💯👍☺️. It is a very unique phenomenon lol. I’m a sucker for stuff like this; different places, different environments, different cultures — how the earth works in different areas etc. Thanks for tolerating me 😅😅; I appreciate your “hospatality” 😆

      • Understood that 😉 sorry for being gone for a while. Moved. And now wp seems to be going crazy with sending me millions of email so have to fix that.

  7. [YOU]:
    “Understood that 😉 sorry for being gone for a while. Moved. And now wp seems to be going crazy with sending me millions of email so have to fix that.”

    Awww I really appreciate the consideration my friend 🤟😇. It’s no problem — that’s life haha. I am glad that you seem ok and I hope the moving was successful since i know what a task moving can be 👍💙😆

      • Hahaha good luck with that. I have 17,000 emails for this account, 13,000 of which are mostly wordpress 😅😅.

      • Haha nah my email issue is fine because the account is specifically set aside for wordpress and most of them are deletable. It’s just that I haven’t done anything in the account for a long time lol.

        So do you want to stop recieving so many emails?, or were you just not expecting that many?.

      • Some setting had changed itself 😉 I prefer to get the notifications in the app or on the website not in my mailbox. Fixed it!

  8. “Some setting had changed itself 😉 I prefer to get the notifications in the app or on the website not in my mailbox. Fixed it!”

    Good for you <3, no more headaches 👍😂. My "settings" never change, only my mind does 😈😆✌️✌️

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