Seeing things from a different perspective

Yes, I get bored easily. Yes, I have to be moving around towards something new and different basically all the time. It’s very obvious when I’m taking pictures. I can’t really stand, or sit, in the same place for hours and have my camera pointed in the same direction all the time. That’s why it’s been really fun to stay in Mirissa and Hiriketiya in places where I haven’t stayed before, I get to see it from another angle. And that’s also been apparent in my photographs, I get to document the surfing scene, and of course the sea, from another angle. So, it’s been fun!

Oh, yes. I’m updating this post a lot because things happen. Updates at the end of the post. Maybe I should do separate posts but I want to keep a positive vibe in my blog. So consider this a dumping post of strange things happening during my travels.

The surf spot in Mirissa that’s between Parrot Rock and Coconut Tree Hill, I’ve heard it being called Pu**y Point but what do I know?

Now I’m here in Hiriketiya, staying at a quiet area, well all areas are pretty quiet here anyways since we’re off the main road, and the place I’m living in is also quiet. Think it’s the first time in almost a year I’ve gotten the space and time to reflect on everything I’ve gone through during the last two years or so. A lot of emotions come up to the surface, but it’s ok. I have to go through them and process in order to be able to go on.

Hiriketiya surf spot. Well here I’m doing close-ups, but I’m standing in a place I’ve never been before, and at I time where I normally don’t like to take picures, you see I thing sunsets are a flirt and prefer sunrises.

It’s also almost the first time during my travels that I haven’t had to deal with too much other stuff like the electricity in my house going bonkers, bad wifi, changing rooms and places all the time, finding good food. The basics work. And then I work. I’m both an introvert and highly sensitive which are assets to me when I’m taking photos and editing them but, in order to function I need a lot of personal space and privacy not to be stressed out. And right now, after being social all day I really need both of those things in order to get myself back to me again.

Of course there’s the threat of Sri Lanka completely running out of electricity, and drinking water, and shortages of a lot of other kinds. But let’s hope that doesn’t become true.

Hiri sunses sessions. I loved taking these photos, just standing there when the waves came rolling in.
Just look at that, so beautiful, and powerful.

I’ve only been here for a few days and I’m known for changing my mind. But it feels good. That has to be enough right now.

Edited a couple of days later: I still like being here but, some of my basic requirements are not being met. It’s not possible to lock the door to my room. I told the landlord yesterday and he tried as well , on the 10th attempt he succeeded to lock the door, “No problem” he said. Later yesterday evening and also this morning, I could not lock it from the outside so can’t leave my room. Also difficult to lock it from the inside so booked another room and am leaving. I’ll write a separate post about my experiences with Sri Lankan hotels later. When I’m settled in somewhere.

Edited again, after I left my old room: Well, that didn’t go too well. Or, I mean, in the end I managed to get out of my room alive and with all of my belongings but …

The landlord wanted me to pay the full amount of my original booking. Which I’d already changed before moving in. I refused, but tried to give him the rent for the nights I’d stayed there. He refused. I tried walking out with my big suitcase, the landlord and his wife took my bag and tried to look it into and empty room. Fortunately I managed to grab my bag and take it into my room. I barricaded the door and started screaming, tried to call the police but had very poor cell phone reception. After a while the police came since the landlord also had called them. They helped us settle for a sum and I was free to go. There’s a lot more that happened but, I have no energy to describe that now, but I’m in a very comfortable room with a great bed where I just woke up from a good nights sleep.

Update 7013: Well, went back to Mirissa. Stayed at a nice hotel where I know the owner, but it was a bit above my budget so had to change. Booked the hotel from where I took the above photos because they were nice to me and thought I would feel safe there but … the night before I was going to move there they discovered that I’d given them 7 out of 10 at and they were not happy with that so they started sending me nasty messages, wanted me to cancel my booking but still pay commission. More tears.

Anyhow, I had booked my hotel through so I contacted them. and they in turn contacted the hotel and helped me cancel the booking. So, thank you Booking! (This post is not sponsored by them in any way)

And my advice is: book your hotel via and only communicate with the hotel through bookings messages because then can go through your communication with the hotel and help you if anything goes wrong. And I know, the hotel has to pay commission to the hotel, and in times like this you want to support the local hotels. But, sometimes you yourself also need some support. And that’s where booking comes in.

And, no. I’m not sponsored by them. It’s just that I’m so grateful for the support.

But it would be nice to be sponsored by 😉 and I do travel a lot!

Update 10001: I’m in the Maldives now. At an island which I fell in love with. It’s the perfect mix of beautiful turquoise waters and beach but has a big local community as well, which is something I like it makes the island feel more real. This morning I met a woman working for the Maldivian tourist council and told her that, and she agreed that it’s a very special island.

Anyhow, I was going to visit other islands but decided to stay here. Been changing hotels since I didn’t have a booking for my whole stay. And today when I was about to check into a hotel that I booked, through 😉 , and guaranteed with my card I was told that the hotel was full since they thought that I would not show up because I hadn’t made any special requests. Not sure what those would have been since I’ve been here for a week already and I’d requested an early check-in so I would have time to do other things today. In the end I t sort of turned out fine since the second hotel I was shown by the manager of my original booking is a nice one and they’re paying for the difference in the price. It’s just that this sort of ruined my day. But the good thing is that there’s a beautiful view at this hotel and I didn’t spend hours on a ferry today to get here.

But this trip just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Update 19003: I’ve just had the second hotel in a week cancel on me. A hotel I visited this afternoon and then they didn’t say anything about being fully booked. So now I have to find another hotel within my budget, and that’s reachable by ferry, and that isn’t too far away so I don’t spend all my time here in the Maldives trying to get to hotels. Oh, other things has happened too but too angry to write about that. Should really be sleeping because want to take some photos of the sunrise tomorrow. But again, too angry.

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  1. Water places are so naturally attractive. Beautiful words and images. Welcome to visit my blog and enjoy some of the alluring water places I have been to. Bliss.

  2. 👌 Excellent photography!
    Wonderful 😊
    I wish I could see personally being present near those beautiful places.
    You have extraordinary talent to present the scenes of sea ⛵.
    Indeed it is different world, when we go to enjoy the sea shores.
    Thank you so much for sharing most beautiful posts.
    Regards 😊🙏

    • Oh, it ain’t over! So much more to come, both that’s been happening and there will probably be so much more 😹 I’ll do another blog post soonish … it’s just that things are happening all the time. Or not, like the internet 😉

      • Hahaha good for you my friend 💕💕😆. The year has only just begun and I know that you are not giving up this passion of yours any time soon 🤟✌️😂😂. So I am definitly looking foward to more 👍😂🥰.

      • Oh yes! Going to another paradise island next week 💙 who knows how long I’ll stay there 😊 and the rumour has it, the internetz is better over there.

  3. “Oh yes! Going to another paradise island next week 💙 who knows how long I’ll stay there 😊 and the rumour has it, the internetz is better over there.”

    Wow that sounds excellent ☺️😘. I hope the internetz there on the next island cooperates as well as the weather so that you can have a lovely time haha

      • Yes, hopefully it’s heavenly and actually gives you more inspiration ✌️✌️😂

      • Haha that is awesome 💙💙. Atleast you live up to your name “HelenaAndTheSea” ✌️🤭😂

      • Well, I did choose it 😉 and it’s the source of all life. Been doing some swimming with my camera here in the Maldives which I’m going to do something with here. Oh, i am lucky!

      • Yes you did choose it; trust me it’s far easier for you to live up to yours than for me to live up to mine 🤣, but you inspire me 🌹😂😂😉.

        I love hearing that story about you; you are lucky and i support you every step of the way 💙💙

      • Thank you 🙏 i appreciate it so much! And good luck with your project even tho I don’t fully understand everything on your blog 😊

      • Hahaha you are welcome sweetheart; it is always my pleasure 🤟😄💕💕. I really appreciate your support aswell and if you have any questions about anythng on my site, please let me know ☺️☺️

      • Hahaha that’s a good plan, but don’t worry, my only true annoyance is not being able to help people 😁😁😂💙

      • LOL, yes I tend to have bigger things to worry about than being asked questions, so I think I might be blessed in that regard 😂💯💯.

        Your work might pay off 🌹✌️☺️

      • I am. But patience is not my best sport. This week I’ve showed some improvement by staying at a place and not doing too much instead of rushing off to next thing so … 🤘

      • I see where you are coming from 💯💕. The first step is sometimes the hardest but we all crept first before we began to walk, so I am happy to see that there is some improvement since life is about balance, and we won’t be able to rush our way out of every situation 💙💙🙏☺️.

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