Nature, huh?!!

Not that I’m a nature, or wildlife, photographer but, the landscape around this part of Sri Lanka is truly amazing and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

It’s deer, dear. Yup, trying to be funny.

These photos are from a recent trishaw safari I did going further south on the East Coast.

Such a poser, and the got up on the rocks just as I wanted him to do.

Think I enjoyed the trip on red dirt roads as much as I enjoyed seeing the animals.

Waves next to Elephant Rock. A completely empty beach except for two hungry beach dogs.
Couple walking home with the evenings catch.
Just look at this, all the greenery and rocks, and a lonley water buffalo on the field.

I’m experimenting with a different photo editing style because think it suits the photos and the weater condition they were taken.


It’s strange how fast I’ve gotten used to seeing all kinds of exotic animals. On the other hand, when I was in India I even drove by an elephant on my scooter.

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8 responses to “Nature, huh?!!”

  1. Awesome photos 👏💯; I like how rich and varied the landscape is and all the different animals that inhabit it ✌️😂

      • You are welcome 💙💙.

        Agreed , I would love to travel there. It is definitely a place to be if ever there is an oppertunity to see and experience something different and exciting for a change hahaha

  2. Wow! Really, the photos and view are astonishing. I would have loved to travel some place too, but it’s a wishful thinking at the moment. LoL

  3. These are incredible photos, really stunning. What a beautiful place, it looks so serene and peaceful 💜 I love elephants but I’ve not had the chance to ever get very close to one so the idea of passing one while you’re out on a scooter seems so strange. What a lovely idea though to be closer to nature like that.

    Caz xx

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